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Natures Beauty Collection

Galaxy Dreams


Flourishing Galactic Jungle Tropical
This is a spiritual window into a Flourishing Jungle crowned with a Gemini Spiral Galaxy and crystalline supernova explosion! Panther eyes curiously watch over this kingdom of flourishing trees fed by rainforest streams. "Luscious jungle paradise surrounds you, delightful scents of sweet tropical florals fill your lungs and expand in your sinus, new smells of fresh growth regenerate as breaths of cool breeze softly brush against your temples and lips, you taste the sweet and clean aqua vitalization. fresh bubbling waterfalls and green grass and tropical trees clean the atmosphere and revitalize the clean air. beautiful calls of colourful birds fill this sacred space as sturdy trees creak and sing moving in the breeze. rainforest streams radiate life and continually bring gushing new energy as they bubble and flush" This painting revitalizes the viewer brings joy, wonder, curiosity, replenishment, and calming effects. A mystic journey of the spiritual awakening. Felix Gaborit -
Size : 1.6m x 1.2m
Price : $1800

Paradise of Creation, Life & Balance
This Exquisite Piece Expresses the freedom and flowing love of the soul, Breaking waves, open seas and cliff sides an arch portal and Tropical Paradise. The waves of Vivid ocean energy & source break on the sturdy rocks of the bay and fills the cosy pools & open ocean around safe and sound wide bays with warm sands and calming sunsets. Bubbling rock pools which overflow with energy into the Powerful waterfall of lifeforce sustaining the oceans and paradise bays below, it flows out to the infinite expanse of the sea and then returns to the open sky to return again, Balanced. As the waves break on these strong rocks they fuel and provide the abundant life-force of the free cliffs with waterfalls and trees, and continues on down the river of a tropical island bay with rainforest and coral seas. Crystalline energy sits soundly resonating below the waterfall of life. This Painting Calms, heals, inspires, and re-energises. It Creates wonder and interest of a deeper meaning and emotion.
Size : 1.2m x 1m
Price : $2000



About Felix

Felix Gaborit is an Entreprteneur, Artist, Musician, extraordinaire. Creating Natural Beauty for the New World.Felix's artistic Expression Emanates Joy, Love, and a profound representation of spirituality and Light Emotions. Bright, vivid, and warm colors capture natural Beauty. Unique Design Brings the Viewer UP in Emotional Vibration and south the Soul through the Windows of the EyeFelix's education in Graphic design helps him create interesting meaningful art, that is complex and Multilayered in shape, subject, emotion, feeling, and texture. Capturing the Joy and Wonder of Mother Nature.Being a Local to Coolum Beach Felix Shares a strong connection to the Ocean, Nature, and the Life that the Ocean supports and Provides to us. Its Waves and Weather are the thundering Heartbeats of the Life on this Planet. Felix's Art Provides Great inspiration and Illumination for Viewers.With French and Australian Blood he holds a diverse multicultural mindset with greater potentiality and wonderous expression and Ideas. he's a Peace-loving Intuitive Love Guru Rockstar with Fantastic Art and a Wonderful Heart

Thundering Wave of Prucustion
This Piece projects the strength, power, energy, beauty, and evolving Motion & balance of our souls, like oceanic waves in the sea of time. "warm tropical aqua washes over your skin cleansing your energy with soft frothing bubbles, calmed behind by warm orange sunsets and comforting blue skys." Felix Gaborit - Original Painting

Orange Peaks
This Powerful Panting EXCITES the Being with bright energizing luminance and fantastic color revitalization. Felix Gaborit - Original Painting

Art Murals

Kawana Shopping World

Felix Gaborit Artist Musican Extrordinair

Art Murals

Felix Gaborit Artist Musican Extrordinair
Felix Gaborit Artist Musican Extrordinair
Felix Gaborit Artist Musican Extrordinair
TitlePrice & Size
Triumphant Supernova$1200 101cm x 76cm
Turtle Bay$800
Big Wave$800
Green Turtle Magicff
Triumphant Supernova101cm x 76cm $1200
Galactic Jungle Tropical150cm x 99cm $ 1600
Cherry Blossom Falls152cm x 51cm $850
Dynamic Oceanic Panoramic300cm x 50cm $2000
Infinite Rainbow Fractal118cm x 100cm $1100
Super Spiral Splash90cm x 90cm $900
Afternoon Sunset Delight70cm x 90cm $680
Fantashal wonderland 
Crystal Cascade Paradise200cm x 140cm $3500
Seasonal Bliss 4120cm x 120cm $2000
3 Spirals85cm x 90cm $1200
Sunset Sparkle sea$1100
3RD Bay$800
Desert Dunes constellation$800
Big Blue $800 
Big Wave $900 

Orange Peaks
This Powerful Panting EXCITES the Being with bright energizing luminance and fantastic color revitalization. Felix Gaborit - Original Painting

Music for Partys

  • Partys $300 4 x 45min sets

Exceptional musician with a fun attitude playing over 170 songs. Folk Rock styles
-Bob Dylan
-Tom Petty
-steve miller
-neil young
-david bowie
-george harrison
Rock 70s 80s
magnificent adventure with FELIX expressing stories Emotions in an exciting upbeat and energetic way

Felix Original Music Video

Part French Part Australian Combination, Peace-loving Intuitive Love Guru Rockstarson of a pirate

Felix's Unique style of Art expresses wonder and inspiration, this inspirational is Healing to the viewer

Free-diving video adventures

Incredible underwater adventures free-diving in lush tropical Paradise's.Fom the rich Life of the Great Barrier reef on Lady Elliot Island, to the tropical paradise of the Yasawas in Fiji Isands.Trilling dives trough underwater caves amazing and Colourful fish and bright flourishing coralRelaxing Colours through coral lagoons.See the turtles of my home town on the local reef.Watch an underwater adventure and enjoy the beauty of nature from below sea level.

FreeDiving adventures around LADY ELLIOT ISLAND